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Oni Design Studios offers a full range of services from HTML/CSS websites, animated and interactive Flash websites, social media platforms, E-commerce websites, photography, video editing, virtual tours, posters, ads, business cards and 3d models. We have a combined experience of 25 years which encompasses several programming languages, design implementation, quality assurance and search engine optimization. We actively keep up with ever changing web technologies to assure the client that only the best practices and methodologies are implemented on the website.


Web Design

Over the last 20 years the web has undergone incredible transformations. It drives businesses, determining whether they win the business of their customers or lose out to a competitor that offers a better first impression. Ensure your online presence makes the right first impression.

WordPress Templates

Oni Design Studios works with a variety of CMS (Content Management Systems) platforms, but have found that for the majority of small to medium sized business, WordPress is the preferred option. WordPress is an open source, community developed platform that can be customized to realize any design scheme. Oni Design Studios will install, host, customize, and teach you how to use and update your WordPress site to get the most bang for your buck.

Mobile Websites

50% of U.S. adults have a mobile connection to the web. 69% of those users browse on their devices every day. Mobile browsing has increased every year for the past 5 years and as technology and service improves, so will the number of users. If you don’t have a mobile version of your website, you are missing the fastest growing demographic since the web began.

Flash Banners

User controlled information is key to any website, which is why Oni Design Studios includes a Flash or jQuery banner with every website they build. If your website doesn’t have this design feature, we can build and install it right into your website.

Interactive Coursework

Online education is being utilized to train employees, increase company resources, and teach students from the comfort of their own home. Oni Design Studios specializes in online courseware development and includes tons of extras like podcasts, downloadable lecture notes, and cross platform compatibility. Our courses can be accessed on iPads, Android devices, and laptops. They are timed to increase student success, excite, and engage users with the material.


Are you a graphic artist but not a programmer? Does your company have a freelance or full time graphic developer but not a dedicated programmer? Oni Design Studios offers PSD (photoshop file) conversion to standardized XHTML and CSS documents. Whether it is a website, an email, or a standalone page, Oni Design Studios can convert your graphic into a ready for web document.


Posters / Ads

Oni Design Studios graphic designers build unique posters in print ready formats like illustrator and inDesign. With years of experience, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Finished products are sent as high resolution files to maximize print clarity. Your concept becomes realized with our designers.

Newsletters / Email Campaign

Email campaigns are cost effective, aggressive, and most importantly efficient. Emails don’t wait to be browsed to or sit around and hope to be clicked on. They reach out and touch your clients. They are considered a form of “Push” marketing ,seeking out prospects. 58% of consumers start their online day by reading their emails. Make sure your email is one they want to read.

Brochures / Flyers

Do you have a waiting room? Do you want to be able to give your customers something to take home and remember you by? Oni Design Studios employs the highest quality graphic designers who work diligently on giving you exactly what you want. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Business Cards

Conferences and trade shows are a part of all businesses and standing out among the other attendees can be difficult. A great business card can accomplish that goal and show your potential clients you mean business. Oni Design Studios develops unique and custom business cards that will separate your business from the pack and make your salespeople stand apart from the rest of the crowd.


3D Models

Oni Design Studios is one of the few companies in the Tidewater area that offers 3D design. Our models have been used to help sell houses, get funding from investors, and even sell expansion possibilities to partners. We offer both still images and walk-through’s.